FAQs - 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Submission of Online Haj Application Form (HAF)

The submission of HAF passes through the following stages:

  • Open the URL hajcommittee.gov.in
  • Complete New User Registration process (which creates 'User Name' and 'Password')
  • You will receive OTP on Your given Mobile Number. After verification of OTP your accounts has been activated
  • Re-login to the system using your User Name i.e. 'Mobile Number' and 'Password'
  • Fill online 'Haj ApplicationForm'
  • Uploadingscanned copiesof the relevant documents is optional
  • Read the declaration and check the 'Declaration' box
  • Preview your data and confirm details
  • Make payment of Fee through the Credit/Debit card/Net Bankingor through any Branch of SBI / UBI
  • For more details. Read the instructions given in GUIDELINES before filling the HAF.

Please go through the Instructions to "How to fill online HAF". The same are available on website of Haj Committee of India.

No, the application form of Haj - 2020 can only be filled in the ONLINE MODE. Those who are unable for online submission/uploading documents they can take help of State/UT Haj Committee/e-Haj Seva Centre & NGO.

Valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 10th November, 2019 and valid at least up to 20th January, 2021.

Mobile number is mandatoryas the Payment confirmation or any other information is Only through the registered Mobile number. Mobile number may also belong to your co-pilgrims.

Applicants upload the following documents while filling the application form for Haj-2020. The specifications for each document are mentioned below:-

Sr. No. Documents File Size File Type Scan Documents
1 Photograph (colour passport size with white background) 5 - 20 KBs JPG / JPEG

100 to 148 pixel

2 Passport Scanned copy (First Page) 80 - 250 KBs JPG / JPEG

570 to 795 pixel

3 Passport Scanned copy (Last Page) 80 - 250 KBs JPG / JPEG

570 to 795 pixel

4 Payment Receipt 80 - 250 KBs JPG / JPEG

570 to 795 pixel

5 Address Proof (If required) 80 - 250 KBs JPG / JPEG

570 to 795 pixel

There are two categories for Haj Application Form:

  1. Reserved (Age 70+)
  2. General
  1. Applicant who completes 70 years or more as on 31st May, 2020 (i.e. applicant who were born on or before 31st May, 1950), along with ONE companion will be registered under this category.
  2. Companion is a MUST and no 70+ applicant alone will be registered under this category. For two 70+pilgrims in a single cover, two companions shall be allowed.

A Companion is the nearest relative of the Pilgrim. For 70+ category companion shall be Husband / Wife / Brother / Sister / son / Daughter or Grand-daughter or Son-in-law / Daughter-in-law or Nephew / Niece. No other relation will be allowed to travel as companion.

A 70+ applicant can also apply for Haj without companion however, it will not be considered under Reserved Category.

Yes. There is a separate Category for female applicant namely Ladies without Mehram. Ladies above 45 years of age are allowed to travel in group of four (4) or more ladies.

The size of the Cover / Groups shall be minimum 1 (one) and maximum 5 (five) adults + 2 (two) infants. (If the number of family members exceed five, applications should be made in more than one Cover.)

Cover head (Group Head) is a MALE person except Ladies without Mehram, whose application shall be given the first serial number in a particular cover. He/She shall bear the full responsibility of the other applicants registered in his/her cover.

No. Only a male can be the head of the Cover. Except in cover for Ladies without Mehram.

Cover Number consists of the following parts :-

  1. State Code (for example): DL for Delhi
  2. 'F' for general / 'R' for reserved category
  3. Serial Order of Registration (for example): 1079
  4. No. of applicants in the Cover (for example): 3
  5. No. of Infants (for example): 1

The sum of the above would appear as under:-

COVER NO. DLF-1079-3-1/ DLR-1079-3-1.

Cover number is a unique computer generated number obtained from the IHPMS software, after verification of data entry and relevant documents of pilgrims by State/UT Haj Committees. The Cover number is intimated to the Cover Head through SMS.
This Cover number must be used by the Applicants as reference in all further correspondence. Pilgrims must obtain Cover Number from State/UT Haj Committees as no HAF will be considered for qurrah without Cover Number.

Haj Committee of India procures accommodation units according to the requirement in each category through Consulate General of India, Jeddah. Usually, Accommodation Units are categorized in terms of their distance from the outer periphery of Haram Shareif.

There are two accommodation categories for the Pilgrims of Haj - 2020, in Makkah Mukarramah. These are:-

  1. NCNTZ (Non Cooking Non Transport Zone) : (Buildings away from Haram Shareif at a distance of 1.5 kms. to 2 kms. (1 km away from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif (without transport and without kitchen facility).

  2. Aziziya : (Buildings located about 7-8 kms from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif with transport and kitchen facility).


The accommodation category for all applicants under one Cover has to be the same. The Pilgrims of a Cover shall have to travel together. In no case a Cover shall be split.

Embarkation Point for a particular pilgrim is decided on the basis of his/her present residential address given in the HAF. For Haj- 2020, the pilgrims will be charged Airfare on actual basis as decided through tender by MoCA. However, Pilgrims can choose the nearest economical Embarkation Point (EP), if they so desire as per the given table in Guideline Para 18 EMBARKATION POINTS.

NO, After completing all the steps up to PDF application form generation in the online application process, you can only download the application form and cannot modify the data. Therefore, it is important to feed-in the correct information while filling the application form.

Successful / completion HAF is indicated by the Page displayed after clicking the Final Submission Button a unique system generated GROUP ID will be displayed which indicates successful completion of online submission also you will receive SMS on your registered Mobile number.

Applicant will submit HAF filled through online system along-with uploaded documents. Printed HAF and documents will not be submitted to State/UT Haj Committees at this stage.

If applicant only submits online HAF and could not upload the documents then applicants should take printout of filled HAF and submit to respective State /UT Haj Committee with documents.

The fee to be paid with the application is Rupees Three hundred (Rs.300/-) for each applicant (adult only).

The Processing Fee for a child is Rs. 300/- each, while there is no Processing Fee for an Infant.

A Child above 2 years accompanying his parents will be considered an adult Pilgrim and the full amount of airfare and Haj Amount has to be paid for him accordingly.

Infants are those Haj applicants who would complete two (2) years of age by 9th September, 2020 or by the date of arrival of last inward Haj Charter Flight. The total Haj amount payable for Haj 2020 will be finalized later.

After filling online application, fee can be paid online through E-Payment Debit / Credit Card or Net banking.

Pilgrims making payments offline should pay in SBI/UBI in the multiples of Rs.300/- and must upload payment receipt along-with HAF through online system.

Kindly proceed as follows:-

Step 1 - Ensure that you're Web Browser/ Internet Browser is of latest version, Java Script is enabled, Pop-up blocker is disabled. If problem still persists, go to step 2.

Step 2 - If the problem is still not resolved, kindly communicate the problem being faced by you through e-mail at compcell.hci@gmail.com / compcell.hci@gov.in in your query and please furnish your problem details, so that HCOI may contact you to resolve your problem.

For Haj Pilgrimage, a Nominee is a person nominated by the Haji appropriately in the Haj Application Form, who can be contacted in India in case of any emergency. Preferably the person should be relative of the Haji.

The male companion of a Lady Pilgrim(s) during the entire course of Haj journey (as described in SHARIAT), is called a Mehram.

An NRI Haj Applicant is a person who is a citizen of India holding Indian passport but not staying in India and has applied for the Haj Pilgrimage.

The selected Haj Pilgrim of Indian origin residing abroad is required to submit the following documents :-

  1. Self-attested Copy of Passport.
  2. Copy of Working / Residing Visa.
  3. Copy of Employment Letter showing his nature of employment in that country.

The selected Haj Pilgrim of Indian origin residing abroad should submit the required documents by 10th Shawwal, 1441 (H).

Adahi (qurbani) through Islamic Development Bank (IDB) will be arranged by HCoI for the Covers who opt for it (all pilgrims of a Cover have to opt together). IDB is the only body authorized by the Government of KSA to perform Qurbani for Haj Pilgrims.

The Shia pilgrims who opt for JOHFA as Meeqat should mark the same in the HAF, for which they will be required to pay an additional amount of Saudi Riyals 100/-.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the link Forgot Password and follow further procedures.

Last Date for filling up the online application form is 10th November, 2019. Check Haj Committee website for updates.

Yes, you may call helpline services (Haji Information Centre) on 022-22107070 (From 8AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday [IST]) or email at compcell.hci@gmail.com / compcell.hci@gov.in on all working days.

The results of Qurrah Provisional selection will be declared tentatively in Last week of December, 2019, however the applicant advised to check the website regularly for any updates/changes.